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evacorvus replied to your post: millymcaulay replied to your post: Has…

I had this problem a while ago and found out it was due to having Babblr installed. Do you have that?

I don’t. I do have xkit though.

millymcaulay replied to your post: Has tumblr been screwing up for anyone…

MY MESSAGES. IT wont let me reply, i click the reply button and it goes to a reply to a note type thing. so i basically can’t reply privately?

treesofreverie you’re not alone!! I guess the messaging system is experiencing problems. I wonder if tumblr’s been hacked.

treesofreverie replied to your post: Has tumblr been screwing up for anyone…

Tumblr keeps sending me multiples of the same messages when the sender only hit the ask button once.

I haven’t had that happen, but I distrust the Fan mail now because more than once it has failed to send. 

beautifulbookborrower replied to your post: Has tumblr been screwing up for anyone…

That makes me feel better. I got on one morning and realized that 3 people had unfollowed me overnight, and I was feeling really offended! Glad to know there’s a glitch going around, and it’s (hopefully) not my fault!

I’ve only noticed it with one person, and I don’t know if it unfollowed anyone else for me.  But two of my close friends send me panicked messages saying tumblr unfollowed me for them.


BOOKISH PHOTOSHOOT: Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor.

Has tumblr been screwing up for anyone else?

I’ve noticed that my Activity bar and notes keep glitching.

Plus tumblr has unfollowed people for me. And a couple of people notified me that tumblr unfollowed me for them. 

So if you knew I followed you and it appears I no longer do please let me know. 

readingg-books asked: A prisoner's favorite punctuation mark is a period because it marks the end of his sentence. (I know you wanted funny, but this is the best I got, carry on)

At first I was confused but then I was like AWWWW

gwendolenfairfaxx replied to your post: gwendolenfairfaxx replied to your post…



“Marya Morevna shut her eyes, savoring his lips on her skin as she savored the slab of black bread, buttered and spread with roe, once, long ago.”

Deathless, Catherynne M. Valente